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    File Name: Default Radio - 23 - two part episode File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011 File Category: Default Radio Original Release Date: 4/23/2004 Hosts: decoder, rijil v, lucky225, ntheory, doug Part 1 of 2. [On the April 21st "Off the Hook" (47.15min in) Emanuel called up 212-867-5309 which featured an advertisement for Default Radio]. [Audio clip played during intro - operators can only dial toll free number if you say the word "special"]. [This is the premier episode on Rant Radio] RijlV is live from Seattle Washington. Lucky225 drops docs on ntheory. decoder tried to call Lucky225's packet8 number but got a reorder. Lucky somehow got his packet8 plan switched. According to decoder Lucky's docs are on Google. packet8 called Lucky's girlfriend and request Lucky's docs, she does not play along. Unlimited apparently does not mean unlimited to packet8. rvcp uses Vonage and has not had any problems with their service. All phone companies are easy to social engineer. Greyarea sent in an email - he worked out a way to trace private callers. The backdoor T-Mobile number is 1-877-606-4801. Greyarea is also the person who found DATU / SASS units in Arizona. RijlV tells the story of Paul Timmins, and Adam Botbyl who were indicted for Warparking in a Lowes Home Improvement store carpark. "Do not try to be a Whitehat [hacker]" -- decoder. FoneBook.org is a project which will be listing phone numbers. Lucky is unable to contact a "special guest". ntheory does not show up to do the call in line. IDT are planning to launch a WiFi Phone Service. A lot of people do not realise than many people now have access to ANI information. Caller ID blocking is available thanks to the ACLU. ntheory joins the conference. decoder gives out the call in number 1-810-223-0003. Some Verizon employees call into the bridge number being used to record the show. [Apparently the bridge number was liberated from Verizon]. Part 2 of 2. [AT&T commercial played advertising the advantages of using 10-10-288-0]. Welcome back to the second half of Default Radio. Lucky complains since ntheory's call in number is now playing music on hold (and not past BinRev / RFA etc episodes). Lucky theorises that the 2600 team are running counter surveillance on Default Radio due to recent events (212-867-5309). Lucky puts out some conspiracy theories. At syshackers.net there is a picture of "Accident". decoder puts out a request for personal information on those running packet8. 6969 was the password on the number now used for Default Daily. ntheory has still not reappeared. A group that was attempting to scan the whole internet had their box automatically rooted. L0pht testified before congress that much of the nations power grid was insecure [they also said they could "halt all Internet activity within 30 minutes"]. Some information decoder gets is proprietary eg when Kevin Mitnick spoofed caller id on TechTV Lucky225 got the info the next day from Alex [(Alex Kasper of Defensive Thinking?)] Lucky only gave the number (used for called ID spoofing) out to decoder, natas, and avid, there was also some disinformation given out. RijlV spoofs to an ANAC. 435-723-9901 will make it look like you are calling from a POTS line (change the ANI ii digits). It is possible to spoof to / access certain mobile carriers voicemail systems if they are set on default such as T-Mobile. "There is nothing wrong with using Windows" -- decoder. There are 25 listeners on the BinRev stream. hackermind.net was an old hacking radio show. decoder calls *69 in an attempt to get ntheory's cell phone number however gets his own read back (ntheory spoofed it). Lucky refuses to give out his POTS number. [Doug plays the 2600 clip where Emanuel called up 212-867-5309 on "Off the Hook"]. decoder calls RijlV with Woz's number. RijlV ANI spoofs a call to Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), who hangs up without speaking. decoder calls Emanuel but his phone is off. Lucky may be presenting caller id spoofing part 2 at HOPE. Lucky calls kurced. GIJoe calls in. Send hate mail to ntheory(at)defaultradio.com. "Everything is always on Default". Click here to download this file
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    Second episode of three in Klaatu's GNU Emacs mini series. This time, you and Klaatu will tackle the .emacs file and learn how to bring text highlighting, modern-style copy/paste keybindings, and even a little taste of buffers and frame-type things. Go to this episode
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    RAR Password Cracker 4.xx is shareware
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    Do you really need opensource or is 'free' good enough? cRARK, free but no source available. Authors own words "use UnRar source" if you want to create your own cracker..
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    Does any one know of a open source .rar password cracker?