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    Here's the complete collection of recordings I grabbed of the Odessa 1AESS switch before the cutover. The recordings were made during late may, with the last batch (A-D recordings) made on June 2, 2017 -- days before the cutover. The most interesting recordings I found during the calls to the switch: 1AESS-A.wav - Highest quality recording/best example I have of what a normal call to the 1AESS intercept sounded like. Allows you to hear the background SIT-tone noise before recordings. 1AESS-D.wav - Highest quality recording/best example I have of what a normal call to the 1AESS supervision test sounded like. 1AESS-3.wav - Bizarre because the switch cut to busy after intercept, instead of cutting over to reorder like normal. 1AESS-11.wav - Bizarre because the call, without ring, goes to the 1AESS intercept recording for one cycle, then stops for 20 seconds, and returns the Hillsboro 4ESS '121-T!' recording. 1AESS-14.wav - Bizarre because the call, rings once, goes silent for 30 seconds, then returns the Hillsboro 4ESS '121-T!' recording. 1AESS-15.wav - Bizarre because the call, rings once, goes silent for 40 seconds, then returns a reorder. More descriptions on the other calls are available on the 1A_desc.txt file on the dropbox drive. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xca3wwskn1mzwzt/AABJMpTS0XDL9NQQgiz4LVI4a?dl=0 Enjoy.
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    904-266-9604 - Nortel key system owned by MCI/Verizon; Mister Rogers works here. +800-6669-5588 - China Telecom NIS rec, mildly weird stuff happens afterwards 416-591-0105 - One of many numbers that goes to a Octel VMS owned by Bell Canada, tells you you don't have access to the advanced intelligent network 800-483-0015 - Verizon office with Rolm PBX 603-746-0125 - Weird thingie on analog line, picks up with square wave beep 603-746-9911 - IVR, "Thank you for calling. Enter your user ID and press pound to continue." 480-792-3996 - PCAnywhere modem on Nortel PBX 307-782-9997 - "The number you have dialed is not authorized to receive incoming calls." <Nortel EDRAM digits> "085501" 307-782-0000 - <480 hertz beep in background> "Union Telephone operator, how can I help you?" - TOPS position, will dial local numbers for you. 360-985-1902 - Weird sounding dialtone
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    I picked this up in a heap of old computer, radio, and telephone equipment, from a guy who had been an engineer in the Navy, then an engineer/lineman/programmer at Bell Labs in NJ: It's an *actual* milliwatt! I can't find the BSP for it online, but I did find a hardcopy on eBay, so I'll scan that in when I get it. Battery test points, this is the battery (well, the top of an old one): 45V "B batteries" were common in old radios and other higher-than-we're-used-to voltages were common in other types of test gear. For instance, a kick meter uses a different 45V battery (looks like a giant 9V and is still made). Top of the internal circuit subassembly, the battery goes in the space seen at the top of the picture: Here's the circuit: Typical Western Electric, potted networks, switchboard jacks, and expensive resistors and capacitors. Not yet sure if the pot varies pitch or level. You can see there's a single very old GE transistor in a metal can package clipped to the side of the uppermost (4002A) network, presumably the only active component in the circuit.
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    I go all over the US for work and vacation, and when I do I like to see how the local network homes on various tandems (AT&T, MCI, Sprint) when I can. I like to do it from landlines and cellphones since both route differently. I also do this with VOIP carriers since often times they dump you on the POTS network at various places, and this can either be static or dynamic. (Can you say Tandem round robin?) Often times calls from landline, cellular or VOIP go to the newer "edge switches" that are in the format of NPA-xL (like 412-9L). I believe most of these are 5ESS based. But most of the time you can reach a 4ESS in the format of xxx-T. Anyhow, I was in a very rural place in Wyoming in May while on vacation. It was a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. The rest stop used to have a pay phone (you can tell it was there and removed), but they did have a microcell for Verizon Wireless (obviously fed by DSL). Doing my test for AT&T, it did the round robin as I suspected (some sort of VOIP backhaul) and I came up on 088-T a few times. That *used* to be the AT&T tandem for San Diego. They retired the 4ESS a few years ago, but now it comes up in the "new" voice that AT&T is using for the new generation "N4E" system.The N4E uses the old 4ESS software hosted in a virtual environment in newer hardware (lot smaller footprint and more in tune with modern packet switching). Sure enough, I was in San Diego last week and tried it from a COCOT. Yup, they do have a new N4E and has the new voice on the trailer. So I'm wondering how many of the existing 4ESS systems will be replaced by N4E systems? I also wonder how many 4ESS and N4E systems are out there. I found a N4E in Scottsdale, AZ (NPA 480) not too long ago. Haven't explored what else is new out there recently.
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    T-Mobile? That doesn't make too much sense, T-Mobile (and its predecessors VoiceStream and Omnipoint) never operated analog networks. Matter of fact, neither did Sprint. T-Mo and Sprint were all digital from their inceptions. my first cell phone was an omnipoint "flip" phone... the flip was just a small plastic piece that covered the numbers when flipped closed... around 1996 or so....
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    That old stuff is often hard to kill! At least we don't need a dedicate X application to see if they have coffee, nowadays
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    Hello everyone, I bought two tn2402 boards with flash cards. One has R9 and it is ok. The second one is R11 and has clear flash card with no translation at all and for this reason it is useless at the moment. So I need a translation file for R11, which you can get thru the xmodem way ThoughtPhreaker described. In my turn I can share my R9 translation. Thanks
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    Any hangouts in this area anymore? Relatively sure the 2600 stuff has died and my own personally "hosted" PLA972 stuff has been shuttered for quite some time too...
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    THEE ... NUMBER ... DIALED ... COULDNOT ... BECOMPLETED - - - PLEASE ... CHECK ... THE ... NUMBER ... AND ... REDIAL ... YOUR ... CALL - - - doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doo-doot doot doot...
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    With regards to the test number -- if it goes to that solid tone regardless of routing -- every time -- it might be certainly something to look in to. The 'charge tones' are fax machine answer tones. It does have to do with supervision, in that -- if those two beeps are heard, the fax machine has gone off hook and the call is now supervised. If the receiving fax machine doesn't hear a 1100 hz CNG tone, it will treat the call as non-fax, and the phone will start ringing. With the metallic clanks, they sound potentially like they might be coming from the subscriber-end when they picked up the fax machine handset. On the AIS recording -- it may very well be routing, as VOIP is all over the map on that front. Also, it did sound potentially like you may have been recording with a microphone. While not awful, i'd definitely recommend using some software. Audacity is great, it's free, and it supports recording your audio output natively (might be driver based? -- don't think so, though).
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    What is this solid tone it goes to after the ringback? TestNumber?.wav Yeah I came across these on a number of calls as well, I thought they had something to do with supervision. I will try to get a landline (Unfortunately I'm really out in the sticks), It's such a shame to record these on VOIP. ChargeTones?.wav CallWithMetallicSoundingClanks.wav MetallicClank.wav - This is the sound amplified. This was after calling a valid number that supes usually, weird things happen sometimes just calling the same number. AISBrokenOrShittyRoute.wav
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    https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=ATLNGAEL37C "You can come home with me! Ah live in Kentucky!" -some girl who once talked through that tandem during a trunk failure
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    https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=ATLNGAELDS1 "It's not Drexel, it's Drake. Drexel's my address." -Evan
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    The number you have dialed is a party on your line. Please hang up for a moment to allow sufficient time for the called party to answer, then lift your receiver. This is a recording.
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    From what I heard several years ago, the later 4ESS switches that were installed in the mid to late 90s were of a newer generation than those from 1976 to the late 80s. And yes, some of these switches are 40 years old!! But as TP said, over time I bet most of the guts have been replaced (though I do wonder about the announcement machines - some of which are quite broken!). But I think to say relevant, AT&T like a lot of other telcos are going VoIP. I know Verizon basically runs it's old school POTS TDM network and a VoIP network in parallel with gateways to cross connect the two worlds as necessary. Yeah, AT&T has introduced DMS-250, 5ESS, etc. into the long distance network, but the venerable 4ESS is still the backbone. Just curious what their strategy is to play in a mixed TDM and IP environment moving forward.
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    037T was just converted from old 4E to N4E dialed from Indonesia. 038T as of a few days ago has not been converted. Both of those tandems are located in Houston, TX, where I live. 037T.flac
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    Ok. Lol I bet NSA would like to take credit though....anything helps when you're trying to appear menacing even if you have to lie about the cause & take credit for it.
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    When I was living with my ex GF, I swear someone was fuxing with RF. Randomly Bluetooth would stop working... WiFi would would be crappy, cell reception would be crappy, and remotes would not would work to TV's. Remote batteries would die in like one week - and I had to get really close to the T.V. But then everything would just work normal again...... But I was living with a cute girl. So I'd just go get laid till things worked again. LMAO
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    What... the... hell...     Very bizarre... Seems to 'scan' for conversations, because I heard a few different rings before it locked into something.   Also seems like an international sort of company?    http://www.npanxxsource.com reports the whole 4xxx block as being established in early 2014, as part of Bandwidth.com, so it's some sort of virtual... Conference? PBX? Not sure. But interesting nonetheless!
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    One thing I've taken to doing is using a Dialogic program I made to take my calls. One of the great advantages, aside from having a copy of the message you can stick anywhere, is getting real uLaw. Makes it nice for situations where you're at a distant phone, and want to record something unique on three-way. Last I checked, the Panasonic machines used some sort of CELP and some of the cheaper ones go as far as using some sort of vocoderized thing like AMBE. Recently, I've been debating whether I have the time/willpower to turn it into something that does a George routine like in the Evan Doorbell recordings. Sometimes I'll change it up though, and have my calls go out to a Laser voicemail box. A while ago, I heard on good authority that the system runs on not one, but two Windows 95 machines. Woo cloud!
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    I dunno which is which, but there's at least a few different manufacturers of AWOSes. Doing a search for 'manufacturer "AWOS III"' came up with this; http://www.faa.gov/airports/aip/buy_american/media/nationwide-buy-american-waivers-issued.pdf So there's the All Weather 3000 and 900s, and the Vaisala AWOS series. There's a PDF somewhere of approved devices that's a little more comprehensive. I dunno who does the voice, but one thing I've noticed is if you start hitting random DTMF keys, even though the announcement doesn't stop, it seems to be listening. If you press enough, it'll hang up on you in the middle of a report. Also, this particular AWOS sounds like it could be even older then the Hood River one; 760-767-3308.