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    Was peeking at the old Test Line forum, and found that this one's still an odd thing: (501) 374-0453 757-484-9987 sounds like a broken echo test? 978-772-9404 is the same, but someone mentioned it was an ISDN test line?
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    As I recall, the AT&T 4ESS tandems where that recording resides are regionally based. 074-T is Philadelphia and serves the mid-Atlantic region. I live in that area and I home on that as well.
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    1-800-401-9574 - Toll-free number has been disconnected message from 074-T (via WOW!) / 061-T (via Verizon Wireless) First time I've heard a message for a toll-free disconnect. The 074-T was consistent on WOW!, so I thought it might've been a message from the distant end, but... Obviously not.
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    Does drinking Rum all day make an alcoholic or a Pirate?
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    Info I have says it was removed from the network June 3rd, and due to be powered down on June 7th.
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    So I take it that Odessa was the last 1AESS office? So what was the date that it went down? June 1st? Another notch in the change of technology. The last crossbar offices went away in the US circa 1993, the last step or XY office in the US was around 1999, Canada was 2001 (Nates, Quebec). And it looks like the last 1AESS was Odessa, TX in May or June 2017. RIP old switching systems.
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    What the hell speech synthesis system is that?! That's the worst "number identification error" i have ever heard...and worst reorder? I can't even tell. Strange PBX?
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    Number One Electronic Switching System May 1965 - June 3, 2017 R. I. P. 52 years, 1 month old "It took a lickin' But kept on tickin'."
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    206-345-7420 - Weird thingie on analog line, picks up and waits for DTMF 941-349-9929 - GTD-5 dialtone of some sort
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    Interesting to see a negative rep point on a post... Wish I knew why. Heh.
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    It was 70 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. They've been going in and out of style but they're guaranteed to raise a smile. Having been some days in preparation, a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Initial UK (Parlophone) release = 1967 May 26 First US (Capitol) release = 1967 June 2
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    Sampled the two numbers @ 8181 and 8180 and made recordings. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xca3wwskn1mzwzt/AABJMpTS0XDL9NQQgiz4LVI4a?dl=0
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    Motherfuckin shit, fuckin with me... Fuck a skank bitch and a sucker MC Cuss words, just let 'em roll... Mother fucking, shit, goddam ass(-)?ho(l)?e.... Cuss words just don't quit, mother fuck you damn shit head bitch... - Too Short about 1990ish. Just made me happy to not get censored on the Interwebz anymore. :-)
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    Out of curiosity, do you know much about the voice synth chip? Maybe it's something simple. 608-819-5000 - IVR on Glenayre VMS, Paetec Madison Switch site 609-585-9998 - Modem, Galaxy controller 609-585-9979 - 2400 baud modem 315-701-9120 - ETC Digicept remote phrase recording IVR 315-701-9171 - AT&T-LD non-payment recording from...602-9L!? (5ESS in Arizona)
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    I know on the DMS-100 Centrex where I work, you use the vertical service code before dialing 9 for outside line. So it's *67 (or 1167) + 9 + number. Otherwise as TP said it could have been misinterpreted as dialing 911. (Which is why they recently changed it for us to 9+911)
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    I've got a really weird UK toll free number - 0800 181 005. I can't figure out the point of the one "test" at all. Here's what it does: Answers with "You have reached the BT Global Managed Voice Network", on repeat If you press 1 at any point, it says "option 1" and hangs up If you press 2 or three at any point, it says just "two" or "three" respectively, and hangs up If you press any number OTHER than 1, 2, or 3 while the initial message is repeating, it says "DTMF Check, please press either 1, 2 or 3" At this point 1, 2, and 3 do the same as normal. Pressing any other button drops it back to repeating "You have reached the BT Global....", it will do this a few times then hang up. If you try pressing any more digits, it hangs up right away If you don't ever press anything, it repeats the first prompt for about half a minute, then repeats the "DTMF Check..." one twice, then goes back to "You have reached...." again, then hangs up That's all I've been able to get out of it and I've explored it pretty extensively. It also responds to a few other tones A,B,C,D tones all work, and drop you into the "DTMF Check..." menu The following UK tones do the same - Congestion (400hz on and off), Pay tone (400Hz, on and off shorter and faster), Pay Phone Recognition (1200hz followed by 800hz) - for an explanation of these tones see http://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_tr/101000_101099/10104102/01.01.01_60/tr_10104102v010101p.pdf A bluebox/MF "7" is treated as a three - I guess because the frequencies are pretty close? (700hz & 1500hz for the 7) I've tried throwing a log of different tones at it - red box tones, MF tones, the works. Does anyone have any idea what the point of the is? Or suggestions for other things to try? (also, should I give this it's own thread or is here fine?) Recordings attached. Thanks for your help! OScoder option1.wav 2.wav nada.wav
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    NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 30 Mar, 2017 3:51:29 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 29/03/2017 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Hook" - 29/03/2017 Download the torrent here!!!! View the full article
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    Yeah, the topic came up because we were discussing PBXes where you might be relegated to dialing just a couple of digits. The rotary dial stuff sounds good in theory, but if you dial, say, 9+1167, there's a lot of scenarios where that'll be interpreted as 911. A couple years ago, I think the FCC actually asked around to make sure the room phones in hotels would do exactly this.
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    On the train, headed across north/central VA. Anyone else going?
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    Walking through Office with dick in hand.. We call Willy C. Trailer Park Man... Peeks in a stall? What did he see? Monica and Gennifer trying to take a pee...... Media started to talk, each intern described the same cock... The Clintons' career got impeached from the Pennsylvania block.... :-P Early 80's something: Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her poor dog a bone. When Mother bent over, Rover took over and her a bone of his own. 1st Grade Reading Class: "Say <person's sister's name> may I", then spell cup. Most I will not post in respect to current racial tensions in the USA.
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    Using a netbook for work has become a great convenience for me. Only two big problems with netbooks at the moment (yeah, sure there are more, but these are the most annoying for me): the Atom is not an ideal CPU for daily needs, being moderately to extremely under-powered for a lot of daily use and the screen resolution is way too low. After reading about the dual-core AMD Neo X2 I immediately ebayed my old netbook for a Toshiba Satellite T110/T130. The biggest downside with this Toshiba, for me, was the only available o/s was Windows 7. Unfortunately, I use a lot of apps that require Windows XP, so an XP downgrade was necessary. Looking around the net there were really no guides to performing the downgrade, just a lot of people looking for assistance. After a few hiccups, and a lot of searching for drivers, XP is now installed with 99% of the hardware working. The first step was to get an SSD installed. The Toshiba came from the factory with a 5400RPM hdd. Put simply, the SSD option was just way overpriced, so an SSD was purchased separately. The install, though voiding the warranty, was fairly straight forward besides the fact some new tools were needed: a small torx wrench and some needle nose vice-grips. The need for vice-grips was because I managed to strip one of the screws attaching the HDD. The first thing to get XP installed is to get SATA drivers working in XP. While most OEM versions of XP (from Dell, Asus, etc..) have sata support they're sketchy at best with the direct to consumer xp releases. I choose to slipstrean the drivers into a custom XP install using nLite. Details on this are another how-to unto itself; google is your friend here. Now that XP is sata aware there is one other adjustment must be made before XP can see the ssd. In the BIOS of the Toshiba sata support must be set to compatibility mode. After that is done the WinXP Installer should recognize all sata disks. Getting all the hardware working was just a matter of combing the net for compatible drivers. Below is a synopsis of each piece of hardware followed by a link to download them all in a rar file. Video: working this was the easiest, just went to ATI's site and downloaded xp drivers for the Radeon HD 3200. Wlan: working found drivers for the RTL8187se chipset at Realtek's site Ethernet: working Athereos ar8132 from MSI's site. Sound: partially working got the contexant chipset drivers from Toshiba's site from a notebook that had xp downgrade options. yet to try and get HDMI audio working; I'd rather the thing had a PC Express card slot instead of an HDMI port. SD reader: working got really lucky with this and tried some Realtek drivers that worked. here is a rar file containing all the drivers mentioned above. Hope some you who were having trouble find this. P.S. if you'd like to run Linux, the Ubuntu install works out of the box after the restricted drivers are enabled.
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    What type of minimum hardware resources would you need for this to run smoothly? Im assuming the same thing could be accomplished with Xubuntu or Fluxbox.
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    It was really easy to get to no keyboard.. About 15 minutes to upgrade; hardest part was getting the little Torx screws out (they were WAY tight). Thanks. ;-)
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    I get a "the service you're trying to use is not available on this line" recording from my EWSD when I dial 67 and wait. When I dial 70 and wait, I get the "if you'd like to place a call..." recording
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    It's the oldest trick in the book, but you can replace * with 11 (eg. 1167) on most all switches, intended for use with rotary phones.
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    I see your entire post and your user picture but only the handle "jp3a75bm", not "resistor X". Very odd. I'll report your opening post to the rest of the mods, this will in effect drop a trouble card and bring it to Stank's or glitch's attention, it might be a problem with the database or something. I really don't know. There was a software update either last year or 2015 and it was kind of problematic so something may have gotten messed up. They should be able to fix it. Hopefully you should see your normal handle before long. Are you actually logging in as resistor X and it's just showing up as the string of garbage text when you post? What's the handle you see in the upper right corner of the screen when you log in? EDIT: Report generated; this should hopefully be fixed soon.
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    Ok....now it's merging my posts. Do you see this post here below merged with one of mine above (it was a separate post): I don't see the world either dude...lol...jk... just had to shed humor on the issue. ......................... Ok NSA, I'm not impressed. Perhaps that's the NSAs idea, merge some posts so the Census ones won't make sense anymore should anyone go looking. Sneaky yet obvious.