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    Red Boxes only worked if you could connect to ACTS on either OSPS (5ESS) or TOPS (DMS-200). ACTS on AT&T's OSPS died about 2004 timeframe, maybe even a couple of years earlier. TOPS on DMS-200 may still be around for Intra-LATA calls. But that's really rare now. Frontier was the last company I found that had that, but that was about 2-3 years ago. I tried back in 2015 and was unable to dial a long distance call to TOPS. It may be gone by now. Bottom line - Red Boxing is pretty much D-E-A-D.
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    Hey everybody, Im kinda new to all this and I have a question about a website Ive been looking at lately. I know this website is very insecure and vunerable to SQL injection. I can access any of the user accounts on the site but I cant seem to find Admin. I think the Admin login must be seperate to the main site because I know the Admin address and when I used it together with SQL injection at the login page it didnt work. This is strange because when I do this with any user account it works. Also I have looked through the /images directory of the site and seen the "admin_images". These all look different to the login the main site. If anyone has any ideas Im open to suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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    Um... not to crap all over your enthusiasm or anything, but this worm even has Ph.D.s stumped: http://mtc.sri.com/Conficker/ Top security researchers from around the world are spending every waking moment analyzing this thing in honeynets, and they have only scratched the surface as far as what it *does*, let alone who is behind it. But hey... go for it if you're motivated. (Also, I severely doubt it is 14 year-olds. This has the smell of organization all over it.)
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    I'm a total newbie. I tried learning basic C programming from White-Scorpion. It helped a little. Where to I find and set the bytes for the logs. I defined the gateway as #define cmailserver "gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com" Is this the gateway? I was able to telnet to it and connected successfully. Thanks for your quick response.
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    maybe instead of taking down their sites, you should just shower them with garbage information. Make a generator, that makes plausible sounding loginnames and passwords.
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    I have no luck. This software supports only mono files with sample rate 11025, 22050, 44100. I'm not going to convert every single file to comply with this software.
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    i can do the pager thing with my cell phone- u call it up, press 5 (depending on service, i have att wireless), and play the tones (if you dont do any, it will just send your cpn) pretty cool.. is that what yall are talking about?
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    Confidence: Y0ungBra1n, I think you've pretty much nailed it there. edit: had to put that damn zero in your handle.
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    Ive noticed this on a few web pages and wondered what it meant, when you go to the home page or login page you can type any directory name into the URL bar and it will always show the same page. Example: http://www.example.com/ http://www.example.com/example/ http://www.example.com/example/example 2 All of the above URLs would show the same page as the 1st example. (These are not meant too be actual links, just the general idea) If anyone has any advices as to what this means please reply
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    New IRC server is officially in place, we changed the CNAME on irc.binrev.net to point to the new server at binrevirc.com Thanks to everyone that helped get this done in a quick and timely fashion!