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2600 meetings will begin to resume on Friday, with a total of 13 meetings taking place. Each meeting is in a state where the COVID-19 vaccination level is above 40 percent.

A full listing of the July 2021 meetings can be found here. We expect to add more meetings in future months and hope that more places around the world become safe enough for people to meet in public.

While this is a happy occasion, please remember that many of us have been through a very traumatic time. We ask that you be kind and understanding to each other. This will take time. And while we hope that you only go to a meeting (or anywhere in public) if you've been completely vaccinated, we do not want anyone to be interrogated over their vaccine status. 2600 meetings are gathering places where everyone is in charge and we trust that those in attendance will act responsibly.

If you have a location where you believe future 2600 meetings will work, or if you want to restart an old meeting, email us at or DM us on Twitter (@2600Meetings). If you attend a meeting this month, please be safe and let us know how it goes.


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