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boot safe mode

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im not even sure how it works but how does the operating system know what drivers and files to start up when booting in safe mode? also how can i add other files to this list?

windows xp and vista...


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Which drivers get loaded in safe mode?

Applies to all editions of Windows Vista.

Which edition of Windows Vista am I using?

Safe mode starts Windows with only the basic drivers and services listed here.

For more information about these items, go to the Microsoft website for IT professionals.

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Devices and drivers that start in safe mode

Floppy disk drives (internal and USB)

Internal CD-ROM drives (ATA, SCSI)

External CD-ROM drives (USB)

Internal DVD-ROM drives (ATA, SCSI)

External DVD-ROM drives (USB)

Internal hard disk drives (ATA, SATA, SCSI)

External hard disk drives (USB)

Keyboards (USB, PS/2, serial)

Mice (USB, PS/2, serial)

VGA display cards (PCI, AGP)

Windows services that start in safe mode

Windows Event Log

Plug and Play

Remote Procedure Call

Cryptographic Services

Windows Defender

WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)

Network-related devices and services that start in Safe Mode with Networking

Network Adapters (wired Ethernet and wireless 802.11x)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)


Network Connections


Windows Firewall

The safe mode functionality is built into Windows, the safe mode switches can be triggered in the boot.ini file.


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windows already has a tool called bootcfg, i dont have a vmware set up at the moment so i have not been able to test this tool...

just so im not completely wasting my time, can i use this tool to add one of my own programs to the list so it will be executed when the operating system boots in safe mode? can some one show me a example command?


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