Binary Revolution Radio - 089 - CEH questions

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The Official <a href="">Hacker beverage</a> conference is now underway, The BlackRatchet fan site is in the works with a full gallery of his personal <a href="">phones</a>, BinRev Radio is recorded in 5.1 ghetto sound with <a href="">dynamic</a> <a href="">content</a>, Hacker Radio project is almost ready to be open sourced, <a href="">Magazine</a> status, Shouts to <a href="">Rant Media</a>, Special guest appearance from <a href="">nottheory</a>, Pwning <a href="">The Incredibles</a>, The infinite loop of tech support, <a href="">Metallica Sucks</a>, <a href="">Top level domains</a>, 911 disconnected, <a href="">Graphedia</a> Spam, Certified Ethical Hacker quiz, Developing a good background of <a href="">packet knowledge</a>, Know <a href="">nmap</a> <a href="">nessus</a> and <a href="">ettercap</a> like the back of your local hotspots, Determining why certain code is insecure, Examples from the CEH test, <a href="">Edgar</a> Search = passive scanning, <a href="">The Scene</a> is not propaganda, <a href=""></a></p>


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