Binary Revolution Radio - 086 - Google AdWords

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BinRev now with <a href="archive/binrevmenu.mp3">automated bitching</a> for you convenience, Keep an eye out for his Stankness at <a href="">Interz0ne 4</a>, Hacker Radio and the Podcast with real <a href="">RFA</a> style distro whoring, The person makes the handle cool not the other way around, A college education anywhere is a good thing, Stank airs his grievances with <a href="">Kevin Rose</a>, <a href="">Fedora</a> is mp3 free <a href="">for a reason</a>, When it comes to an OS thats about choice don't let people choose for you, Those crazy kids these days what with their rap music and their cryptography, There is currently no replacement for <a href=""></a>, Grammar and organization is important when submitting to <a href=""><BR></a> and <a href=""></a>, Who knew <a href="">Stank has ethics</a>, Use your time wisely, The StankShark 0wns the great white shark, Searching for <a href="">movie times with Google</a>, <a href="">Phreaking is not about getting free phone calls</a>, Yahoo is blocking Google spiders?, <a href="">Google AdWords</a>, Expect a Hacking Google AdWords article in the future, BinRev t-shirts will be available soon!


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