Binary Revolution Radio - 085 - Email Roundup

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And now back to our regularly scheduled Program, Please be patient your <a href="">< BR ></a> they will be with you shortly, Two new moderator's sworn into the <a href="">forums</a>, Three out of four dentists agree BinRev is safer then a nuclear missile, The <a href="">gallery</a> is back up and "beta" then ever, The DDP have been developing a free, as in open source and beer, <a href="">internet radio station</a> software, and all errors are currently being diverted to "/dev/null", If the monitor is off and you get <a href="">fragged</a> does it count, Stank <a href="">will be presenting</a> on Disposable email vulnerabilities at <a href="">Interz0ne 4</a>, Someone please start a handle pronunciation key database, Sacrificing frozen chickens to get your data back, Ntheory started an <a href="">Asterisk</a> wildfire, <a href="">Human markup language</a> is back and with a purpose this time, The International Brotherhood of Hackers would throw Stank out if he taught people how to hack, BlackRatchet appropriately pulls <a href="">Klingon speak</a> out of his ass, Stank tries to speak Klingon but accidentally insults <a href="">Taz</a>'s mother, Turning real audio into mp3s with <a href="">Streambox Ripper</a>, The number of listeners is in the hundreds of thousands (I don't know I think is actually something like two), Donate by buying <a href="">magazines</a>, <a href="">iDropper</a> – <a href="">DocDroppers</a> for your <a href="">iPod</a>


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