Binary Revolution Radio - 084 - Paris Hilton 0wned!

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Doug sets precedent by making the co host read an email, Doug ditched his callerid boxes, Forget callerid use a PBX, Virtual numbers are cheap, <a href="">Give Doug a call at 1-800-710-Doug</a>, According to <a href="">Animal Planet</a> StankDawg is <a href="">The Most Extreme</a>, Whatever Paris Hilton touches is wide open for pen testing, whether is her sidekick or its website, Social Engineering can be quicker and easier then hacking, Vin Diesel is always on default, You always want to enter your password from your own phone, Lucky describes how to get your <a href="">ESN</a>, US Government Emergency Telephone System 701-627GETS, <a href="">There is no patch for human stupidity</a>, Using the Y2K bug for SE-ing pre 2000, Recommended reading "<a href="">The Art of Deception</a>" by <a href="">Kevin Mitnick</a>, Mitnick's new book is out "<a href="">The Art of Intrusion</a>", Doug needs help getting the moisture out of his camera, People want original shows, <a href="">The Doug show</a> is taking the Friends time slot, The guys from <a href="">Default</a> owe a new episode to Havoc, Decoder is in jail, Paris Hilton has been stalking Lucky225, Getting out of a speeding ticket, Getting into gated communities, The Dawg will be back in the house next week


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