Binary Revolution Radio - 083 - Shmoocon

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Doug hosts this show from his garage studio after a request last week from StankDawg, Lucky225 co hosts, Doug usually records shows using a modem / 2 phone lines, you can record calls easily with Asterisk, a listener reports that freezing a hard drive worked once, <a href="">Geek Love Radio</a> were on <a href="">G4 Tech TV</a> yesterday, the <a href="">Doug Show</a> website is now up, Lucky saw a <a href="">talk</a> on <a href="">InfaRed / hotel room TV's</a> at Shmoocon [TaoSecurity: <a href="">Shmoocon Begins</a>, <a href="">Shmoocon Day Two</a>, <a href="">Shmoocon Concludes</a>, AMK Journal: <a href="">Shmoocon wrap-up</a>], there is a manufacturers reset code for some cars, <a href="">RFID tags used in cars</a> were recently hacked, at <a href="">ShmooCon</a> there was a talk on <a href="">"Zen and The Relevance of Perception"</a>, Lucky has a problem with people that have callerid, Lucky/Doug argue for/against callerid blocking, Doug trusts callerid but does not rely upon it, "everything is always on Default".


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