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The <a href="">RFA</a> tradition lives on in episode 81 of BinRev, <a href="">Geek Love Radio</a> will make a <a href="">Valentines day appearance on The Screen Savers</a>, Stank pledges to only submit technical articles, Some listener emails were lost during the server move, <a href="">The DDP creative commons license</a>, Making <a href="">HackTV</a> easy to download for the technology impaired, The story behind "The Legend of the Hard Drive Freezer!!!", Roll your own Hacking radio show, The forum's <a href="">Growing Pains</a> starring <a href="">Mike Seaver</a>, Proposed new name for Warshitting "Wardumping", At least <a href="">GmailFS</a> is working for one lucky listener, Windows wants to make the Genuine Program mandatory for updates, Does Microsoft owe anything to pirates?, they did use a lot of their tactics, Underground production company <a href="">Frosty Productions</a> needs some hacking influence, Is there a need for BinRev meetings?, BinRev is willing to host a page for the meeting, It is official: Stank will be talking at <a href="">Interz0ne</a>, All the DDP projects are hosted on one box, Doug announced his new radio show, Pr0ncasting, Stank's and Doug's recording equipment and software, Doug will be the host next week.


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