Binary Revolution Radio - 005 - Mut3 & Stank IRL

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submissions to notes [at] binrev [dot] com piling up, <a href=""></a> pimp, get the new binrev mp3's, mut3's mac in the shop, nick84 sends in email, mut3 getting less spam, mut3 and Stank meet real life!, Stank sends dual pwf info, Stank warwalks at the local mall during his <a href="">2600</a> meeting, <a href="">new 2600</a> out, lot of playa-hatin' going on, not on our forums though, don't split the community people!, Stank has a dream, cisco vulnerability gets out, american express trying out RFID, RFID not very privacy friendly, rf trouble with cars, mut3 talks about rf(radio frequency) legalities, w00t NYPD gonna have <a href="">segways</a>, cows and segways, props to people, do NOT send pictures of naked dudes, only chix0rz, shouts to <a href="">Stank's 2600 meeting</a>.


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