Binary Revolution Radio - 080 - Microsoft Spyware tool

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Even though Vooduhal can't hear Stank the show must go on, <a href="">Oldskoolphreak</a> for your phreaking goodness, The fourth section of <a href="">Kryptos</a> has been solved, Is <a href="">Google</a> News biased?, <a href=""></a> User tested StankDawg approved, Stank's so <a href="">moodle</a> he was <a href="">moodle</a> before <a href="">moodle</a> was <a href="">moodle</a>, <a href="">Hakkeri radio</a> bringing you your Finland Hacking news, Computer Urban Legend: <a href="">putting your hard drive in the freezer to save data?</a>, The DDP may soon 0wn the highest mountain in Europe, <a href="">Xnews</a> newsgroup reader, Hardware review - <a href="">Axim</a> vs. <a href="">Treo 600</a>, Warshitting how-to, worst HackTV segment every!!!, Stank may be presenting at <a href="">interz0ne</a>, ".c0m" the new H4><0r register, Word around the water cooler is you should go to <a href="">Defcon</a> this year, Some server changes coming up real soon, Programming in Widescreen, <a href="">Microsoft's antispyware tool</a>, <a href="">Windows genuine program</a>, Use <a href="">Firefox</a>, Microsoft says <a href="">they don't collect your PII</a>, Sharing your proprietary software, Microsoft makes sure nobody knows that your looking at the pr0n, Vooduhal will be the host of BinRev while Stank is on <a href="">vacation</a>.


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