Binary Revolution Radio - 079 - Encryption

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Quick orientation for new listeners, Rundown of BinRev Radio history, <a href="">RFA</a> will be Podcasted, <a href="">DDP Hack Radio</a>, <a href="">Hotmail has not always been a Microsoft product</a>, Gmail's <a href="">POP3 access</a>, <a href="">Pwned debuted on</a>, Listening to BinRev during class – Detrimental or Beneficial?,<a href=""> Listener's site</a> switched to <a href="">Mambo</a>, <a href="">memestreams</a>, Recommended reading "Code Book: <a href="">The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking</a>" by Simon Singh ISBN 185702889-9, <a href=""><strong>Searching for code by language</strong></a>, Google doesn't handle technical searches well, Lazy web idea - man pages attached to message boards, "Crypto" Steven Levy, Contribute to the <a href="">DDP library</a>, Keep an eye out for crypto challenges, HackTV ep. 2 and 3 in the works, Applications of cryptography, Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption, Cryptology is like whispering on the Internet, Keep your private key private, Using your key as a signature, Man in the middle attacks against SSH, Certificate Authorities, PGP web of trust, <a href="">Interz0ne 4</a> is coming up


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