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When questioned about the "Telephonic Craptacular" StankDawg replied "It's hard work.", Being annoying with a purpose, Start off the new year with a cliffhanger of an email, Starting projects, The forums lead the user to water but can't make them hack, <a href="">BinRev rebroadcasts</a>, Join the <a href="">"I hate StankDawg" community</a>, <a href="">Google dev account</a>, <a href="">Yahoo traffic reports</a>, yet another reason for a micro ATX box, Google - scientist and the marketing department <a href="">working in harmony</a>, <a href="">PocketPC toolz</a>, <a href="">Pocket PC as a WiFi phone</a>, <a href="">PocketPC Sniffer 1</a> <a href="">and 2</a>, WiFiphone security, <a href="">Bathroom phones</a> brings using your foot to flush to a whole new level, <a href="">PDA-friendly</a>, Big Bells not to blame "he said sarcastically", Editing a 14 GB file can be a bit cumbersome, The" e" in <a href="">eCOST</a> doesn't stand for <a href="">ethics</a> (<a href="">free shipping</a>? <a href="">then what is this</a>?), <a href="">Clusty Firefox plug in</a>, Wiki walk through, Wiki's by nature are community projects, The pros are the cons, Knowledge repository, <a href="">An encyclopedia by the people for the people</a>, <a href="">Wiktionary defines a Wiki as</a> ..., The most important page of a Wiki, <a href="">Chewbacca what a Wiki</a>, The standard format, <a href="">The Origin of Doc Droppers</a>, Repository for current text files, Anonymous users will get there docs dropped, <a href="">What doesn't belong on the site</a>.


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