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Despite Vooduhal's best attempts allow me to welcome you to another 100% <a href="">hooker free</a> episode of BinRevRadio, Unfortunately for ep 75 the <a href="">do not call</a> list is doing its job, The Dawg's <a href="">personal web site</a> has gone through some changes, such as an <a href="">RSS feed for news and announcements</a>, The listeners are demanding obscenities, The Sony debacle gets put to rest, <a href="">Yahoo email</a> storage space has be bumped up to match that of <a href="">Hotmail</a>, <a href="">Free AS/400 shells</a>, Vooduhal offers access to a Cisco Lab, Stank gets dumbfounded by overseas listeners, History of Usenet, <a href="">Archie and Veronica</a> no not <a href="">the comic</a>, NNTP, <a href="">Unix to Unix encoding</a>, Warez made the internet useful, but pr0n made it popular, Usenet naming conventions, What ever happened to common courtesy among pr0n spammers, The origin of the flame wars is revealed, <a href="">Google Groups</a> is basically Usenet with a web interface, <a href="">Forums</a> are the new Usenet, BinRev may take a vacation in January or February, <a href="">DDP hack radio</a> is up and running


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