Binary Revolution Radio - 004 - Project WalMart Freedom

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mut3 hits puberty, no wait, it's dual!!, pimpin <a href="">rfa</a>, dual can get it up pretty soon, new guests on the way, binrev needs shownotes, no feedback this week, dual frequenting walmart lately, pimpin PWF, send walmart stuff!!, FedEx vulnerability, mirror pimp, dual won't sell out, would sean k sell out??, are spam filters more effective than spam laws?, <a href="">goat sex</a>?, S**T cannot go back inside of a horse, both laws and filters are necessary, "f**k the f**k off"?, RFID testing is off again for consumers, people are not animals to be tagged, phreak news?!, cable vs. dsl, MCI accused of federal fraud, send feedback to letters [at] binrev [dot] com, blowin smoke up each other's ass.


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