Binary Revolution Radio - 071 - AS/400

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Almost all of the <a href="">Fifth Hope</a> <a href="">presentations</a> are available for download, AS/400: Lifting the Veil of Obscurity, What it is and how it works, They don't teach this in school, Recognizing it when you see it, If you go to Radio Shack and ask for an AS/400 mainframe, you will be laughed at for multiple reasons, The <a href="">AS/400</a> can run several OS's, but this presentation focuses on the <a href="">OS/400</a>, Telnet is not just telnet, Telnet uses emulation to connect to different types of machines, Got <a href="">QSECOFR</a>, every type of user has their own default menu, Menu Transversal, Command Line Access, Menus are Stacked, F3 = universal exit command, Finding the names of different menus, Stringing together commands, Give your Tab key a break while you use * for command assumption, F9 is the equivalent to History in Unix, Everything is Logged!, There is a wealth of knowledge in the OUTQ, Almost everything you do can be found if the admin goes looking for it. <strong>note from stankDawg:</strong> This episode contained a new intro and new closing comments. The rest of the show was the audio portion of my presentation from <a href="">The Fifth Hope</a> conference in NYC in July of 2004.


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