Binary Revolution Radio - 070 - Microsoft = pirates?

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<a href="">Podcasting</a>, ebay is a high tech trash can for ipods, this show has be brought to you by the letter <a href="">VoIP</a>, The TV police are real and they're madder than ever, <a href="">Metallica sucks</a> the <a href="">rooster</a>, Use the right OS and programming language for the job, Brief rundown on <a href="">Visual programming</a>, If you need help with code: check out the <a href="">forums</a>, <a href="">Some more projects added to the forums</a>, <a href="">VoIP/Asterisk section</a> added to Oldskoolphreak, every copy of Windows XP <a href="">has pirated media</a> in the WINDOWS/Help/Tours/WindowsMediaPlayer/Audio/Wav/ folder, I didn't know <a href="">Deepz0ne</a>'s real name was Mr. Gates, Microsoft 0wns the Government, <a href="">Nefarious uses</a> for <a href="">Google Desktop</a>, Put Google Desktop on kiosks, Welcome natas to the DDP!


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