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After a week break BinRev is back with an all rant episode, <a href="">Psychological warfare and propaganda</a>, <a href="">D.Net</a> update, <a href="">HaXXXor</a> dumpster diving, <a href="">HackTV</a> video guy MIA, <a href="">Seriously web spiders freak me out</a>, rant, Open up TV police...shut that f**king kid up or so help me god I'll shoot'em and sprinkle some crack on him, in case we got our facts completely wrong on the BBC rant, and you live across the pond <a href="">email us</a> and straighten us out, <a href="">Some projects</a> have been added to the forums, Buck Dangler caught some funk in Nashville and not the good kind, Words to live by from Mr. Pink "If you don't like something fix it or go away", <a href="">Best Lie</a>...Thousands of fallacies Get Yours, <a href=",,SB109986994931767086,00.html?mod=yahoo_hs">Reasons why</a> <a href="">not to shop</a> at <a href="">Best Buy</a>, Notorious for bait and switch, Stopped competing on prices, 15% restocking fee, lies about price matching, Devil customers...666...mark of the beast, Companies to avoid: Best Buy, Sony, and Wal-mart, Batteries yet another reason to go to the Pr0n store, Oh Yeah!, <a href="">The Homeless Voice</a>, Don't make me SE you just go to <a href="">this site</a>


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