Binary Revolution Radio - 068 - Phreaknic 8

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No show next week, instead check out <a href="">rant radio's election coverage</a>, Hacnslash is unplugging, Correction: <a href=""></a> for delusion's <a href="">ogg rant</a>, <a href="">SDMI</a>, <a href="">Hackers and Painters</a>, <a href="">Sony</a> hypocrisy, apologies to all of Australia, Stank dodges rants left and right, <a href="">A Radio History of the Telephone</a>, <a href="">Interview with Mark Gunderson</a>, Always keep a book with you in case of emergency, Educate anyone and every one, <a href="">StripeSnoop</a> is getting funding, Respect to ZPO, <a href="">Ghostbusting</a> <a href="">Spectorsoft</a>, Tips on public speaking, <a href="">Phreaknic</a> media will be available for free, Phreaknic was a huge 2600 meeting, Instead of spot the fed they played spot the prostitute, Craziest <a href=""></a>


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