Binary Revolution Radio - 067 - Hacker Classes

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Last ep. before <a href="">Phreaknic</a>, There is a new guy writing the show notes, I think he's kind of a n00b, Send money to the <a href="">church of binrev</a>, isn't that powerful!, Multiple mags and meetings can co-exist, Go to the meetings!!!, And let us not forget the gift of style logan5 has bestowed upon <a href="">binrev mag</a>, Delusion sent in <a href="">his rant</a> about <a href="">Ogg Vorbis</a>, <a href=""></a>, the <a href="">old eps. of binrev radio</a> are in the process of being re-encoded as .ogg, So if you have been waiting to listen to the show because you think mp3s will steal your soul...what is wrong with you?, ld@bl0 explains all you want to know about the ethical hacking certificates, <a href=""></a>, send email if you have any questions about the ethical hacking class, <a href="">Oldskoolphreak</a> is back.


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