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DDP <a href=""> team</a> ranked 111, hack the <a href="">mac store</a>, Gmail vs StankDawg 2:0, YAZE (yet another <a href="">Zearle</a> email), send money orders for binrev mag to Lucky225 at P.O.Box 1111 Guasti, California 91743-1111, the <a href="">happywash</a>, no type right equals bogus 3m@i1 says Lucky, if you want to start a binrev meeting <a href="">email Stank</a>, Stank set up a 1.5 terabyte file server, and heres some numbers from Lucky: Cali party line 909-661-1119 and Pinnacles,Ca. Switch prefix 831389, 4500 for the Pinnacles phone company operator, Microsoft is working on a new natural language <a href="">search engine</a> tentatively called "Answerbot", <a href=""></a> is already registered, StankDawg Challenge: sent him one good reason to use <a href="">ask jeeves</a>, Conair <a href="">phones</a> are hard core much like their <a href="">hair dryers</a>, <a href="">Web Hosting company</a> registered in wait... Germany is selling valid .edu email addresses for $370 via SPAM! Listen to <a href="">infonomicon</a>


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