Binary Revolution Radio - 065 - Firefox

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Repaired email music in a few episodes. Definately 63. Old enough to watch the <a href="">A-Team</a> (AND NOT the reruns). <a href="">oldskoolphreak</a> is back online. Some updates have been made. Some more are to follow. Check out <a href="">Phoenix 2600</a> for pictures of "the glove". Special agent visited their 2600 meeting. <a href="">Godel Escher Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter</a> is a worthy read. <a href="">Stripe Snoop</a> on the <a href="">screen savers</a>... WOOT <a href="">Acidus</a>. Feds are people too. Thud magazine. <a href="">BBC Hackers mp3</a> on the Hope 5 site shows outdated view of hackers. KVM switch still on the fritz. vooduhal pr0n and asterisk. <a href="">Motorola v600</a>. T720i retired. Possible music to share from mini <a href="">Firefox</a> review. Bugs. Have to register to report. <ctrl-F> to find in Firefox. Won't search in src boxes. When highlighted you can't change text. <a href="">Adblock</a> extension works well (takes wild cards). Download extension. <a href="">My Yahoo</a> site has changed engines. Now using RSS news feeds. From popular mechanics 5 things to know before getting an RFID implant: 1) Doesn't hurt, 2) no on off chip, 3) can save your life, 4) database contains info (medical, access, etc), 5) Baja RFID for VIP club. Find your animal with RFID. Linux comparison by pricepoint. <a href="">Clusty</a> search engine similar to <a href="">Vivisimo</a>.


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