Binary Revolution Radio - 064 - Cyber Crime

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Corporate sales rant. Capitilizing on peoples problems. No episode on election night. Pixelfiend asterisk setup cost $28 based on the steps from a previous episode. Tips about <a href="">asterisk</a> and <a href="">voicepulse</a> with possible follow up. Lucky225 published in <a href="">VON magazine</a>, <a href="">article about VOIP</a>. Info about showing blocked caller id using free number and voip on <a href="">freeworld dialup</a>. DUDE... I got a <a href="">dell</a>!! Stank has a <a href="">refurbished dell</a> for video editing. Built a monster file server. <a href="">HackTV</a> progressing. Cool presentation from <a href="">Elonka</a>. Treaty related to international internet crime in progress. Acknowledge the problem with fraud being international. Its a step in the right direction. Dealing with crime without infringing on civil liberties. In Germany internet crime = 1.3% of all crime but over 50% of the material damage (8.3 Billion $??) The source and calculation of a stat should be seen to be believed. Phishing on the rise. Things shouldn't be outlawed just because you don't agree with them. Make the punishment fit the crime when creating internet law. <a href=""></a>, WOOF-WOOF!, <a href="">illwillpress</a>


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