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<a href="">FHQWHGADS</a>! Stank apologizes for mp3 mishap, also naming convention changed, more feedback, email from fanatic, stank has basic-ass phone service, subscriptons to binrev would r0x0r, jawga sends email, rfa mirror has been getting creepy hints from DC, nick84 is a log dawg, .mil and .gov visit ddp sites, stank screws up nick84's perl formatting in the <a href="magazine/1.1/1.1.html">first binrev issue</a>, email from ntheory, another email from beam, long rant on file sharing, Stank apparently likes russian lesbians and michael jackson, mut3 sees technicians working on phone box, Stank discovers <a href="">banzai</a>, winxp is kinda stupid, stank using office 2003 beta2, mut3 and stank give <a href="">dell</a> thumbs up, riaa still f**king with people for file sharing, redhat stopping releasing retail packages, Stank goes to best buy, Stank wants peace and love and harmony, w00t! roast of StankDawg on RFA?, Stank leaving bland in charge of forums, binrev shownotes needed, mut3 gives shouts to the telco dude, Stank shouts to Saitou and Subzero, <a href="">DDP team</a> pimp.


User Feedback

I'm no mac guy so this ep surprised me. Stank mentions OSX, so that means it's been out for 8 years already? How often am I gonna go "It's been that long already?" while listening to this show?


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