Binary Revolution Radio - 063 - Phishing

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IRC has switched servers, Spam...getting <a href="">bored housewives</a> and random people together since 1998, <a href=""></a>, If you haven't tried <a href="">firefox</a> yet theres no time like the present, <a href=""></a>, Become part of something bigger: join an <a href="">online Vigilante Justice Organization</a> today, <a href="">Phreaknic</a> is next month, <a href="">Baudburn</a>, <a href=""></a>, <a href="">Elonka</a>, Phreaknic tails of yesteryear, <a href="">Foo camp</a>, <a href="">Toorcon</a>, You don't have to wake up at 5am to go <a href="">phishing</a> anymore, <a href="">Using gmail invites as bait</a>, AOL has and will always suck, Single sign-on does not mean you use the same username and password for everything, <a href="">Brad Sucks</a>, "<a href="">If seven million people are stealing, its not stealing</a>"


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