Binary Revolution Radio - 062 - Cyber Law

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SubZero joins the DDP. FM Vulgarity test. <a href="">Gallery</a> locked down - more changes may follow. More < BR > magazines sent out. <a href="">Blands music</a> will be hosted. Putting a face to a name. Getting old. StankDawg going to <a href="">Phreaknic</a> Oct 22. SubZero and <a href="">a new show</a>. Relationships with listeners and webcams. <a href="">Cyber Law applying to technology and hackers</a>. Internet and jurisdiction. Why is it important. Cyberlaws emerging as they go. No existing legal presidence... YET! Trying to apply current law to the web. What if examples. Cyber law is limited. Mostly intellectual property & copyright law. Hard for legal system to keep up to the internet and developing technology. Discussing Stank's law test questions. Relate to <a href="">buying keywords on Google</a>. <a href="">Gmail</a> security problems. Encryption X509 talk continue next week. Send Gmail comments and read their privacy act. Send more articles for BinRev 2.2


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