Binary Revolution Radio - 060 - PBX and Asterisk

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<a href=""></a> review to date, <a href="">how to join team DDP</a>. <a href="">Computer Machines</a>. <a href="">Removing posts from google groups</a>. HackTV ep 2 on its way. <a href="">Hurricane Frances </a>coming. <a href="">DDP member</a> changes. <a href="">Bells Mind</a> 2.0 under development. Bug in <a href="">PostgreSQL</a>. Private Branch eXchange, SIP vs. VoIP (replacing the Telco). Business Level IAX, <a href="">Asterisk</a> open source. How to setup, requirements: P2 300 64MB Ram. <a href=""></a>, Connection from IAX + a softphone on Windows to connect to Asterisk Box. FXS card $100 IAXY $100. <a href=""></a>. Pay per minute for outgoing calls. Multiple in/out calls. Add <a href="">vonage</a> and FXO to have unlimited outgoing. <a href="">Packet 8</a> unlimited international <a href=""></a>. Setup computer first. Download asterisk source from CVS. Compile it yourself. <a href=""></a> Bellsmind Asterisk info on its way. Need FXO to connect to existing phone. The Crazy Exgirlfriend Script. <a href="">Rejection hotline</a>. <a href="">Freeworld Dialup</a>. Uses for your PBX. BellsMind PBX examples 810-223-0003. How to listen to BinRev on Bells Mind. Scripting Asterisk. <a href="">Gmail file system for Linux</a>. Jug Bands. Recursion Joke. <a href="">Lindows now Linspire</a>. Real Media is teh SUXOR. STOP EMBEDDING DANCE OF THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY. <a href=""></a>, Feedback on Magazine Please.


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