Binary Revolution Radio - 059 - Audio formats

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Audio Format Compression Storage. Canadian blank media levy. Use all the images you like from BinRev honoring the <a href="">Creative Commons License</a>. Short description of site coming for Hotlinks. Plans for the show. No Radio career for Stank. He wont stop until there is nothing more to learn. Now on clear channel. TRUE free speech. <a href="">Ogg Vorbis</a>. Prep for a show instructions. Culture Jamming American Idol. Dial up BBS. <a href=""></a> <a href="">Documentary on BBS age</a> previewed at <a href="">Defcon</a>. DVD set to be 6-7 hours. Tiny files = Big Documentary. The Van Halen Award. Rule of firsts. Stealing fire from the Gods (Karl Heinz Brandenburg). Lossy vs. Lossless. Psycho Acoustic Model. MPEG compression origin in the Movie Industry. Irony = MPEG Layer 3 developed by the people suing for their distribution. Analog vs. Digital. Analog is vibration causing the sounds. Digital is samples of the sound, more samples makes it closer to analog. 44.1k for CD. Humans can't hear over 20000 Hz. For lossy compression. Talking lower quality required than music. <a href="">Balance of file size and quality</a>. Tech info applies to all lossy/lossless compression (Video, images, etc). MP3 not the best, just conveniently available at the time. Led to OGG. Convert to <a href="">OGG Vorbis </a> soon.


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