Binary Revolution Radio - 057 - Databases

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Bill and Ted host BinRev? RDBMS: Relational DataBase Management System. Binrev Magazines are shipped. <a href="/magazine/2.1/2.1.html">2.1</a> now available & a new 3 Pack for sale. Stank 0wned by Transformers (edit: <a href="">They're more than meets the eye</a>), silly <a href="">n00b</a>. Revisit the Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester (See Episode 53). Rant about <a href=""></a>. Against Apple, the Microsoft of Hardware. Open Source Firmware on an MP3 Player. The <a href="">Induce Act</a> trying to stop fair use and ALL sharing. Compare restricting file sharing to VCRs and DVDs coming out. <a href="">Filming in the mall</a>. 2600 meetings growing. <a href="">DDP Hack Radio</a> coming soon. <a href="">The Albatross</a>. <a href="">BellsMind</a> additions (Now international, PBX has new shows, email Ntheory about adding menus, use the PBX for your own shows during the day). <a href="">RDBMS explained</a>. Database Programming with BellsMind examples. SQL and Object Oriented stored procedures. Free <a href="">MySQL</a> and <a href="">PostgreSQL</a>.


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