Binary Revolution Radio - 056 - Magnetic Card reading

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<a href=""><BR> issue 2.1</a> are being printed now, Link from eltacofrío can you say "eltacofrío"? I knew you could, Donating <a href="">< BR ></a> to libraries, tell us how it goes, <a href="">Phreaknic</a> not as much a conference as a big party, Review of <a href="">2600 summer 2004 issue</a>, keep <a href="">hacking</a> and <a href="">politics</a> separate, <a href="">beej network guide</a>, Code makes articles better, Don't screw the people behind you - write comments!, Recommended reading from Acidus "<a href="">Writing Arguments : A Rhetoric With Readings</a>" by John D. Ramage, Mag Card Reading, <a href=""></a>, <a href="">StripeSnoop</a>, Connecting your computer to various items via the game port or usb, if you don't think you have your SSN on your person - think again. its on that buy 10 get one free sub card, <a href="">SouthEast 2600</a>, <a href="">memestreams</a>, <a href="">archive</a>.


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