Binary Revolution Radio - 055 - HOPE5 recap: pt 2

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Missing your issue of <a href=""><BR></a> just be patient, <a href="../magazine/2.1/2.1.html"><BR> 2.1</a> is finished, debuting for the first time every on internet radio Moth's email song, das erste deutsche email, there should be some type of virtual map to illustrate the global reach of the revolution, hard time finding publishers for the mag, went to the first <a href="">dc305</a> meeting, don't, I repeat don't, leave your info on public terminals, <a href="">plan 9</a> from outer space presentation in the works, root in the be...some sort of...alienware server, open auto project, some UE footage for <a href="">HackTV</a>, lock picking at the con, email stank if you noticed the slides were out of order,<a href="">White Castle</a> tangent,, hey I got an idea lets have a hacker con about hacking!


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