Binary Revolution Radio - 002 - BinRev

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Rough fed trouble, episode one feedback, #binrev channel on, mail from total blackout, anonymous email about Stank going off too much on the term "hacker", the masses shouldn't dictate the language, new host, redesign, mut3 surprised by company's good attitude towards him helping them out, Stank goes to <a href="">daytona</a>, mut3 has only one lappy sticker, binrev sticker plans, redneck hackers, spammers suck!!, aol sucks, aol directors just get job renewals while aol stocks go down, Stank has every aol cd EVER!, aol/dremel -> good recipe, <a href=""></a> comes to tv...court tv that is, cops is the shiz-f**king-nit, <a href="">Intuit</a> tries to fight piracy but screws Stank over in the process, Stank is getting over-conspirational, donations getting more presumptious, nobody reads the EULA, shouts to glooko.


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