Binary Revolution Radio - 053 - Certified Hackers

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Welcome to the first episode of season two, Misspelling email addresses can be a great way to start a relationship with the sysadmin, Command line mp3 encoding can be yours for the low low price of $99.99 operators are standing by, just enter $lame --resample 16 -b 16 -m m <inputmp3> <outputmp3> for your orders now, <a href="">dyndns</a>, <a href="">tinyurl</a>, Will Stank need help at <a href="">the con</a>... will ntheory make it out alive... tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of “Hope 5 recap” or “There and Back Again, a Hacker's Tale”, For a full list on presentations check out the <a href="">hope5 wiki</a>, Don't forget to check out <a href="">bellsmind</a> and the PBXs 810-223-0003, 914-595-0135, insert <a href="">Ethical Hacking</a> rant here, AOL employee <a href="">was caught selling subscribers email addresses to spammers</a>.


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