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"live to hack and hack to live", finding times to unplug, if someone unplugs we should respect their privacy, bland wants an <a href="">ipod</a> but he needs electricity, basic needs over wants, listener soundwave1380 is a bit nervous to go to 2600 meeting, just go try it, bland gets way to much spam, emails being sold to spammers, blands <a href="">Verizon</a> account, if you share your name you are toast, cheap hooker used, sigs and posts are susceptible to <a href="">spiders</a>, smart bots that kill anti spam ideas, spammers brute force emails, selling of beta gmail accounts on ebay, bland reallllly wants a <a href="">gmail</a> account, bland wants, <a href=""></a> that gives out invitations for gmail, Stank prices out digital cameras, take pictures at <a href="">HOPE</a> of boobs, Dual pwned watching <a href="">American Idol</a> with the wife, Stank wants to see some throw down, bland pimps <a href="">his site</a>, <a href="">RSS</a>, content management systems, 2.0 standard, RSS subset of XML, nick84 uses it on his site (<a href=""></a>), Stank challenges 2600 groups to implement it on their sites, <a href="">E107 content management system</a> for <a href="">FL2600</a>, put XML feed in Longhorn toolbar, ongoing RSS e-zine idea?, shoutouts to any hackers to have unplugged.


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