Binary Revolution Radio - 046 - Longhorn Alpha

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<a href="">Kevin Rose</a> presented stun glove <a href="">now credited to xlogicx</a>, PixelFiend suggests to employer for OSX, PM or IM him for image of X11 for Jaguar, try to convince people at your office to use alternatives to MS OFFICE, TTF Fonts problems with, FIREFOX ROX!, StankDawg 0WNED! not really..., <a href="">PLAN 9 OS</a> designed in the 80's, PLAN9 is not UNIX although it operates a bit like it, PLAN9 customizes OS to what hardware you have, it is very "mousey", uses the mouse alot more to control things, will run basic code, look for <a href="">screenshots</a> and <a href="">articles</a> in the future, zer0Db B&N exploration, found Cometa hotspot (free? open?), StankDawg got motivated and <a href="">wrote a site Privacy Policy</a>, LONGHORN Alpha, spent time looking at build 4053 and a bit of 4074, speed and response time varied, still kinda klunky, build 4074 a bit faster than 4053, interface was very overloaded, emulating some existing ideas, Stank small rant on overkill of defaults, plugins, explorer download manager like firefox, Microsoft/Linux rivalry, shoutout to our live listeners IRC channel!


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