Binary Revolution Radio - 045 - Office Suites

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site statistics, sidetracked "<a href="">Bittorrent is p2p</a>", binrev = 100gb of bandwidth not including mirrors, before <a href="">HackTV</a>: 1gb/day after: 3.5gb/day, <a href="">MSN search bot</a>, sidetracked again "conspiracy theories", <a href="">OS2</a>?, Prepackaged <a href="">Opera</a>, <a href="">Dillo</a>, broken cell phone, ph34r Stanks logs, submit to HackTV!, <a href="">HOPE5</a> plans, <a href="">Defcon</a> dead?, <a href="">Microsoft Office</a> and <a href=""></a> reviews, <a href=""> Writer</a> is alternative to M$ Word, Try open source at home, file portability, porting doesn't mean same performance, backwards compatible with, going open source is easy to pickup for anyone.


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