Binary Revolution Radio - 044 - Patriot Act

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Mouse warranty funny tech support call, 2600 meetings this Friday, the <a href="">Monkey-Kat</a> jumps on a headless computer, will scan "<a href="">Cave Clan Mag</a>" for people to see and manhole video, will work on sites grammar, dual loves commas, obscure passage from "<a href="">Hackers Delight</a>", flash idea for <a href="">HackTV</a>, <a href=""></a> similar to <a href="">hushmail</a>, <a href=""></a> client on a usb key, <a href=""></a> gives you 6 meg email, alphaflood contributes to <a href="">PWF</a>, HPR's status updates and topics, Stank learns <a href="">MS Access</a> and <a href="">MS SQL server</a> for job interview, Princeton LCD's SUCK!, Dual talks about FBI raiding a highschool for piracy issues, <a href="">Operation Fast Link</a> created DOJ for the investigation of intellectual property violations, Dual talks to Timothy Tait about the highschool raid, MPAA & RIAA using the <a href="">govt</a> to do their dirty work, Stank talks about how the media labels Hackers, New York Times article, PATRIOT ACT abuse rant, Timmothy Egan "New York Times: '<a href="">Computer Student on Trial for aid to Muslim website</a>'", we need to be active.


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