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first ever binrev episode, mut3 has been introduced to engineering and hacked redhat at the same time, Stank plays <a href="archive/">webtalkradio</a> clip, <a href="">Lance Spitzner</a> gets f**knut of the month, who is "Juarez"??, journalists with integrity..waaa?!, props to Andy Sullivan, emails/feedback are important, "hacker" term discussed, hacking should be fun, zilterio..WTF?!, companies don't report hack-ins, stank gives the customary 30 days after finding an exploit, blended threats: wave of the future or blast from the past?, props <a href="">rfa</a>, dual, logan5, DDP members, bland, shouts to the <a href="">2600</a> meetings, send email to: letters [at] binrev [dot] com


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