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Hello boys and girls, "D" as in <a href="">decoder</a>, <a href="">HackTV</a> has been picked up by <a href="">rantmedia</a>, people don't get along with each other, email from neg output from Australia, Stank has a horrible <a href="">croc hunter</a> accent, <a href="">urban Aussies</a>, Decoder says "cheers", email from archimedes, email from ace, dear mr. Dawg, do NOT agree with Stank dammit!, <a href="">1337 google hax0r</a>, Decoder is smoking away(as usual), how to keep your passwords memorable/secure: <a href="">31337-sp34k</a>, curse, job-hunting, <a href="">blacklisted 411 </a>meantions <a href="">tr0n</a>?, Decoder is funny, he never works, only smokes, he is also too lazy, <a href="">bin laden trojan</a>, filtered spam images, don't use IE, question search engine, <a href="">google answers</a>, <a href="">search for hacker</a>, strip poker juarez, village voice, <a href="">naked chick on the couch</a>, CHICKS WILL GET NAKED FOR NO MONEY!, dead end questions, google's page rank algorythm, <a href="">Spamassassin detailed breakdown</a>, <a href="">Google 0wned by bloggers</a>, BinRev as your start page, <a href="">McDonalds ceo dies of heart attack</a>, Decoder's fifth cigarette, do not inject aspertame, Stank's <a href="">third nipple</a> on his a$$h0le.


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