Binary Revolution Radio - 042 - Google Gmail (Part 2)

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Chocolate milk, email, <a href=""></a>, Rax turns Stank on (Doesn't everyone?), <a href=""></a>, <a href=""></a>, props to <a href="">Matthew Broderick</a>, <a href="">Wargames</a>, Wartyping is fun, Stank's dead connection and his bad girl computer, email from South Africa, Stank gets a beer, n00bie slot, please abuse the <a href="">archive</a>, dual is our friend, there is a lot of turning on in this episode (Isn't there always?), radio may not always be the best media, the mag for n00bs, video medium, email headers, compression, <a href="">Google toolbar </a><a href="">distributed project</a>, hey grandma, email forwarding, Stank gets on the soapbox, P2P saves bandwidth!, information gathering, riaa/mpaa information gathering, privacy, insecure protocols, 24-bit encrypted email, what constitues personally identifiable information (<a href="">p.i.i.</a>), is an ip address is pii?, social security numbers = pii, tattooing socials on baby feet, 4 meg yahoo limit, Stank's is 6, g-men, never mix cheese and chocolate = worst combination ever, <a href="">three letter agency</a>, protect Google or the public, the patriot act is not patriotic.


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