Binary Revolution Radio - 041 - Google Gmail (Part 1)

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You haven't seen googling skillz until now, google maister/google master, <a href="">HackTV</a> in 2 days, <a href="">wireless antenna</a>, hacker soapbox, technology crimes, phreaks and geeks, Rax is an ass, <a href="">VRML</a>, <a href="">BIC-TCP</a>, <a href="">smilie research</a>, google suit, <a href="">barney google</a>, nobody searches but everybody Googles, <a href="">Google services</a>, <a href="">Yahoo</a>'s <a href="">sumo servers</a>, Google is a portal, <a href="">g-mail</a>, 1 gig of storage, spam stopping, <a href="">Microsoft tried to buy Google</a>, did not work, Microsoft is like the borg: must assimilate, <a href="">anonymous Google proxy</a>, Do the math: Microsoft Passport (<a href="">200 million users</a>) x 1 gig each = HOLY CRAP, 760 megs of email over several years, <a href="">Google ads</a>, privacy, "so Google giveth, so Google taketh away", send us Google thoughts.


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