Binary Revolution Radio - 039 - BIC-TCP

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Stank and voodu are giddy like <a href="">schoolgirls</a> (edit: what are you insinuating? :P ), hackfailure, <a href="">hackradio</a> is almost completely up, ratings at an all time high, closing music request, email from xzilla, <a href="">AIM ad hack</a>, AOL is suck, email from herbal child, your OS will take a dump, microsoft would get destroyed from a class action lawsuit, please install Linux, walmart RFID, sam's soda is nasty, forget the corpoliticals that want to track us, maxi-pads, proactive, steal somebody's RFID chip, <a href="">blacklisted411</a>, tons o' lists, Stank's fish, get rid of users = programmer's heaven, dvd project, new internet protocol, <a href="">BIC-TCP</a>, 6000 times the speed of dsl, free samples, shouts to NCstate, <a href="">walmart music downloads</a>, 88 cents, *sigh* digital copyrighting...again, songs are wma, fishing game, geeks == sunburns, is it edited?, cop killer?, Note: <a href="">music downloads from walmart will not play on Mac or Linux</a>, shower cells, shouts to hacnslash, <a href="">hac's photoshop thread</a>, roaming gnome, <a href="">BBS Documentary</a>, shoutz to decoder, ARTICLES!!!.


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