Binary Revolution Radio - 038 - Linux 2.6 Kernel

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Don't leave your password on <a href="">default</a>, <a href="">new cohost</a>, ntheory's asterisk box, site updates, <a href="">hackradio</a>,'>">hackradio</a>, email and wallpaper, hac has a to-do list!?, Stank is 30-something, welcome hacnslash, Stank's a tease, <a href="">hacburn</a>, <a href="">k3b</a> sucks, learning along the way, <a href="">blacklisted411</a>, better than last issue, old skool dialup bbs, <a href="">abbreviation list</a>, crfmp, bathroom men, games tips, cheating without cheat codes, juarez, <a href="">defcon 3</a>, another UFO article, pirating arcade games, Stank is old (edit: OK we have established that ;) ), local Ft Lauderdale business, all Florida user groups <a href="">together</a>, <a href="">hackradio</a> is up, use it, <a href="">linux-2.6.4</a>, new scheduler, threading, <a href="">alsa</a>, bug fixing, bugs in the stable release, compatibility will always be an issue, smp, acpi fan stopping, ide bus burning, <a href="">distro whore</a>, win95 can get the job done (some jobs), puppy pictures, wintel, <a href="">thunderbird</a>, code cleanup, <a href="">sco smoking crack</a>, cancel <a href="">hope</a>, <a href="">wireless fashion show</a>, "breasteses", <a href="">hackTV</a> pr0n, shouts to acessexcess, dual, bland, ppl in irc, linux turner-oners, shouts to Mr. and Mrs. dual_parallel, submit articles.


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