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Stank did it for the cookie?, melekin's email, <a href="">culture jam</a>, book swapping, mailboxes, work delivered package, radman's email, we get letters...we get letters, <a href="">the walt disney internet group</a>, previous privacy policies, <a href="">spam</a>, you ain't gettin' away, Disney == gator, AOL's AIM: streaming audio and video, installing codecs without your permission, <a href="">Viewpoint</a> is teh sux, lawsuit waiting to happen, <a href=",2004#aol">this is fu**ed up</a>!!!!, millions of zombies ddos-ing, <a href="">jabber</a>, <a href="">AOL is suck</a>, 2600 Jerry Springer, where's your camera when you need it?, table flippin 300 pound haitian <a href="">hulk</a>, exciting 2600 meetings, <a href=""></a>, canned HTML layouts, <a href="">Xbox modding</a>, <a href="">Howard Stern</a> and "<a href="">Bubba The Love Sponge</a>" <a href="">catch hell from the FCC</a>, VoIP, taxes and fees from the government and phone companies, Japan's cellphones kick our phones' asses, utilities are nothing but legalized government monopolies, <a href="">FBI wants VoIP to be regulated</a>, <a href="">clearchannel sucks</a>, pussy panic over a nipple, send in < BR > 2.2 articles.</p> <p>note from stankDawg: They were damn good cookies too!


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