Binary Revolution Radio - 035 - 2600 Letters

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Intro take 3, non-clever intro: hi!, no housekeeping, <a href="">2600</a> letters, props to XlogicX, hbob speaks for everybody, <a href="">super walmarts</a>, boycott them if it's too much, <a href="">weatherbug</a> sucks balls, and possibly <a href="">sends information to the homeland security department</a>, evil software, ad for <BR>, DDP Hack Radio server is up and running (barely), <a href="">Shoutcast</a> still sucks, sc_trans is worthless software, <a href="">Icecast</a> sorta sucks, vooduhal rescued the hackradio project, <a href="">Ices</a> works, Shoutcast uses 2 ports, default password, scheduling, automated program manager, <a href="">counterstrike server</a>, about getting this up, NO ICEWORLD!!!, <a href="">101 ways to save the internet</a>, shut down pedophile chatrooms, president Schwarzenegger, "the presidator"?, restore due process for ISPs, NOT THE PAPERCLIP!!, google to-do list, legal music download, web archiving, <a href="">robots hits</a>, should we link to pages we hate?, mobile numbers to the phone book...mmmmmnope, <a href="">spam</a>, <a href="">kid browser</a>, ipod for movies, shouts to <a href="">william hung</a>, shouts to <a href="">RFA</a>, you guys rocked our world, hacker public radio, send in your <BR> 2.2 article submissions.


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