Binary Revolution Radio - 034 - MS Source Leak

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Creative hello from Vooduhal, email farting, subzero, <a href="">port knocking</a> followup, email from pixelfiend, the mac evangelist, cron, Stank's not a mac guy, colored imacs, <a href=""> ddp team</a>, keycrunching on da macs, the team has been growing, blacklisted 411, old hacking mag, they put out thud, they are back, check them out, vooduhal's dedicated counterstrike server, shoutcast sucks, digitalattrition pwned everybody, BAD WORDS!, Stank does not pwn in cs (oh hell yes I do!), <a href="">Microsoft source leak</a>, <a href="">What does the leak mean?</a>, Voodu cellphone craps out, Microsoft is warning you, "secret programming code", you can't put the source back in the horse, once it's's out, Microsoft seeding, 3 1/2 year old source code, a lot of the leaked code *is* in XP, <a href="">Mainsoft might be the culprit</a>, the possibility of hackers to break into Win2000 or XP and steal data, reverse engineering, <a href="">PWF</a>, walmart laptops, is Java junk?, voodu is back, <a href="">C#</a> and <a href="">J#</a>, <a href="">Sun</a> is a smaller M$, Java beans, j2-blah-blah-whatever-blah, assembly - is it really worth it?, Sun is no better than Microsoft, shouts to M$ for joining the open source community.


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