Binary Revolution Radio - 033 - OSX 10.3 Panther

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Stank's milkshake tops all, regicide's email, <a href="">TIVO tracking</a>, email from xmafia, link to us!, hacking is universal, multilingual, email from hitman, Mac convert, <a href="">logan's case mod</a> still running, < BR > 2.1 is coming (eventually), subscriptions in the future, hard nad kicking, new <a href="">powerbook</a>, <a href="">G3</a> to <a href="">G4</a>, mad fast ram, best keyboard ever, Apple <a href=""> OS X 10.3 - Panther</a>, video editing, multitasking for the modern gigolo, window switching, fast user switching, zip archiving, developer tools (linux api), linux porting, no more network scanning without an ip, run x11 apps in os 10.3, 18 hours for a KDE compile, what the hell is wrong with the XP interface!??, quirkyness, Stank wants an imac, garage sale imacs, <a href="">swap shops</a>, shipping's a killer, open source mac software, <a href=""></a>, no crashes so far, mac servers, switching to these servers, clean linux/win network interfacing, mac users == zealots, <a href="">G5</a> - fastest computer...riiight, CPU equivalency, <a href="">vivisimo</a>, segwaaaay, <a href="">Disney bans segway</a>, <a href="">huge merger coming up</a>, give us feedback.


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