Binary Revolution Radio - 032 - Port Knocking

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Email from paladyr, broadcasting from the world, superbowl commercials, <a href="">Pepsi/itunes</a>, <a href="">Apple 1984</a> - only aired once, bud commercials, horse flatulence, ford, <a href="">the "boobie" incident</a>, from: "I wanna hold your hand" to: "I wanna f**k you like an animal", Janet Superbowl incident was most searched item in history (surpassing 9/ incredibly sad...), <a href="">tivo privacy</a>, linux commercial, endorsements, budweiser is treating their name as a product, people programming, <a href="">American Chopper</a>, 2600 bonding, new phone, <a href="">az2600</a>, mexican restaurant, PHX CON in the formative stages, no winter in florida, <a href="">port knocking</a>, ports, slammer worm, firewalls, black magic, possible brute forcing the combination, firewall shunning, fix the net, microsoft has more than anybody, integrate security, email sucks, ship an antivirus, block self installing adware, automatic file encryption, take the blame, <a href="">anonymizer</a>, <a href="">translations</a>, fewer features = fewer bugs (can you say bullcrap?!), send feedback.


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